Squeezebox Touch Clone with HifiBerry Digi Hat

Hello I have just signed up to this forum and so far I have made two SBT Clone units using Raspberry Pi 3+ / Hifi Berry Digi Hat / Official Pi 7" Touch Screen /Pi Case . Software used was Picore Player which links in to my LMS Server which is run on a seperate Rasberry Pi with USB HD attached as Library .

Construction set up and completion was very easy and this is form some one with very few technical skills . All told my first unit took me 35/40 minutes with a couple of dead ends mainly due to my lack of knowledge .

Once constructed and working these make superb players very responsive and quick and with a really bright large touch screen that anyone can use. As the Digi Hat provides a full digital out put either optical or SPDIF which can be fed directly in to my music system this becomes just another music source and the level of sound quality is as good as shop bought streamers with four figure price tags ( and yes I have tested this back to bakc with Naim / Linn / Cyrus units digiital outputs ) . I would say that the difference between any of these streamers against the SBT Clone is so small that I would struggle to identify it .

Given that my second player which was constructed form all brand new Pi / Hat / Screen / Power supply cost me less than £100 I would say this is a huge bargain and reccoment anyone to give it some consideration .



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