HifiBerry DAC+DSP 192k Processing Path and SPDIF input


I have a HifiBerry DAC+DSP board and was wondering what it would take to get the processing path to be fully 192k from the i2s interface to the DAC. We looked at the SigmaStudios stuff, made changes but the chips and programming is more complex than what I can digest in a day.

We are using the hat as output for running a program called Stereo Tool and requires that the DSP processing path be at 192k for generating a correct FM MPX at around 38khz. We have another HifiBerry thatis a simply a i2s path to a DAC and works fines but it seems the the DAC+DSP drops all of that down to a 48k sample rate. If a firmware file can be generate so that we can upload to the DSP, that would be appreciated.

Follow up. We would like the TOSLINK input on that board to be an audio input to the Pi4. Is this possible ? My understanding with the Pi is that it's a i2s path that's one way and doesn't do input from the hat. Maybe something can be done with the GPIO pins and driver mods ?

Thank you



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