Volume % differs between alsamixer and amixer

This is with an AMP2 on an RPI4 with the lastest Buster.  The first thing I'll note is that the below command described here didnt work:

amixer sset PCM 90%

Returns: amixer: Unable to find simple control 'PCM',0


I was able to get it working with Digital instead of PCM though.  That said, when running alsamixer and setting the volume manually, 50% set from amixer is different than the 50% set in alsamixer.  In alsamixer, 50% is -18 db gain, which sounds correct.  When set from the cli with amixer though the db gain is -51.50 and the sound is very low.  I actually can't hear anything when set to less than 40% with amixer.  When set to 100% both are 0 db gain.


Am I doing something wrong or...?

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