HIFIBerry DAC+ pro freezes / stops playing


My configuration with Volumio:
HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro
RPi 3B+, RPi 4
Line power supply 
WiFi + cable ethernet
I have been struggling with the problem for few months. Playback stops after few tracks or few records, no sound. Additionally, connected USB drive is not visible in Volumio menu but still is visible and available in the network   Of course reboot restores playback but also deactivation I2S DAC in Volumio settings does the same job, again we can play music and see connected USB. After playback is stopped the Raspberry receives commands  via putty/ssh. I supposed the problem is connected to Raspberry so decided to replace it with a new one, I bought RPi4 2GB but still the problem still exists. I also used the separate power supplies fooe RPi and HiFiberry, no improvement again. The Volumio interface in this time works strange, eg clicking on the volume changes track time or restores the previous album cover but still no sound. I also replaced the SD card with fresh Volumio image, the same...


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