common power supply for about 10 Amps?

I have here a multiroom installation consisting of 10 x Raspi 3B+ and HiFiBerry Amp+. The Raspis I have installed in the rack, the speaker cables then go to the respective ceiling speakers. They are connected to a common power supply Meanwell MW RSP-1000-15. Is such a configuration recommended?

At the beginning, one of the players has dropped out once in a while (felt once or twice a week) and had to be resetted (power off / on). I suspected that was at the temperature, which was at that time at about 65 degrees.
So I have a small fan mounted per Raspi, which blows directly into the intermediate space between Raspi and AMP +. That fan is connected on pin 4 and 6 of each Amp.
With it I reached about 15 - 20 degrees cooler temperatures.
Since then I have almost daily failures. The failed player is then no longer pingable.

In the Max2Play forum one suspects that this could be due to the power supply.

Is this possible? Is it better to supply each device separately?


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