Beocreate Amp causing distortion?

Hi All,

I recently bought 2 x Beocreate 4 Channel Amplifiers and a Raspberry Pi 4 Model to configure them - first time poster!

I was hoping to set-up a daisy-chained amp set to give me stereo active crossover speakers for a custom build.

I'm currently running tests on one of the amps using a pair of Tang Band W3-593SF.

My experiences so far: Beocreate image from Hifiberry doesn't load correctly - resolved through Raspbian lite with beocreate-installer. I used the full range dsp profile but don't understand the output as neither channel gives any bass or midrange.

My problem now: I managed to get the system up and running and can connect via bluetooth, spotify and Toslink. However, when trying to drive the tangband at volume higher than 50% I am getting horrible distortion from the 30W amp. From the 60W no distortion but volume significantly lower than my Marantz PM6006 45W amp. I'm powering the pi through the USB (5V, 3A) and the beocreate with a 24V, 5A power supply off amazon.

Questions I have:

What are the actual specs of the amp? If they can't power a 12W speaker I'm afraid I've been misinformed by the product description. 

Have I made a mistake in the DSP? The sound produced at lower volumes lack detail.

Look forward to your response,



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