Beocreate and GPIO port for IR receiver

I want to use an IR receiver on the Beocrate with Volumio but when I install the dtoverlay for the first installation steps and using one of the free GPIO's, the result is silence, no sound.

So when I add in config.txt:


The result is that the sound (on Volumio) is gone.  

Blocking them out with:

# dtoverlay=lirc-rpi
# dtparam=gpio_in_pin=25

After reboot, the sound is back on Volumio.

I have the same result with the other free GPIO on the Beocreate.

Testing with command IRW and IREXEC shows that the remote is correctly mapped and all should be working fine.

The IR receiver is from RemotePI which use three GPIO's. I use GPIO 5 and GPIO 6 for the on/of button and this is working fine and one GPIO is for the IR receiver for example GPIO 25 and this blocks the sound.

BTW: The RemotePi and IR remote and On/off button works fine on a Hifiberry DACplus or Hifiberry AMP. Perhaps a conflict with Softwaremixer? 

Any suggestions?


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