Beocreate massive problems


I recently bought the beocreate amp  for my CX50.

And I have to say I am really disappointed.

The documentation is overall not clear and the system as a whole behaves unexpected overall.

I could not install via the Beocreate image, since it was unclear that those profiles have to be installed by the user, since there were none of the profiles shown in the example.

Then I switched to moode and got it kinda up and running. Since I was not satisfied with the control of moode, I tried switching back to the Beocreate image. On startup I got a loud beep sound, which just didnt stop. Then I switched to Hifiberry OS and the same beep sound happened.

To be honest by now I scraped this project and I never thought I would be this dissatisfied with the Beocreate amp and the software experience. 


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