Digi+ board capture with RPi 4


I am trying to develop RPI 4 as an audio test facility using the Digi+ I/O board.

I have tried various methods to capture audio from the Digi+ SPDIF and all have been unsuccessful, the best I've got is a silent wav file. 

I am using ALSA libraries to access the board, and I can see that the capture device is available, using ALSA commands. Also I am able to send audio out of the Digi+ output okay using VLC player.

There doesn't seem to be a volume control available for the capture device, I am wondering if this means the level is automatically set to 0 somewhere?

I believe this board is not officially supported by RPi 4, although the GPIO is the same as previous models so should match up okay.

Should it be possible for these devices to work together?  Could there be anything in setting up the Digi+ I am missing? 

I have read and followed the guides on this website regarding set up with RPi and am running latest version of Raspbian Buster.

Any support appreciated!



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