Beocreate - No playback via Bluetooth


I am struggling quite some time now trying to have MP3 playback with Bluetooth working!

The idea is to playback MP3's from my smartphone via Bluetooth directly i.e. not using  a service (app) like Spotify.

I have read quite some posts already on this topic however not found the solution yet. 

A Raspberry PI 3 A+ and a full B&O image is in use. 

Bluetooth connectivety is there i.e. both smartphone and Beocreate indicate via a beep that there is a connection. 

When trying to playback an MP3 .. for a fraction of a second the MP3 is noticeable at low volume level via Beaocreate (1st time only after start up).

Playback of an MP3 stored on the Raspberry PI works fine (however this is not the intended usage).

I hope you can give me some guidance. Maybe it is simple that direct playback is not supported (which I hope it is).

Thanks and regards,



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