What DAC setting is correct for RPi zero W, Berri DAC+ zero and Volumio 2.580?

Hi people in Berryland :-)

Trying to get the above working but having problems with no audio out!

If I set the DAC type to HiFiBerry DAC+

then I get an Alsa error message

"Fail to open ALSA device "HW:1.0" no such file or directory"

If I set the type to HiFiBerry DAC

Then Volumio appears to work properly (no error messages and playback timer operating) but no sound (Cables and audio equipment checked and OK)

Which is the "correct" setting (if any) and any pointers to troubleshooting the issue

(Warning! - Linux newbie - handle with care!!)

I also briefly tried the Zero with a DIGI pro (with the correct setting :-) and got the same ALSA error message.

Thanks in advance for any help


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