Toslink input + RL 6000 Stereo


I'm running a stereo setup of two RL 6000's, with two Beocreate boards daisychained. I followed your instructions to do so from here (https://support.hifiberry.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360005450118-RL6000-Stereo-with-toslink), although I needed to have them modified slightly because my register numbers were somehow different ... In my /etc/rc.local, I added: 

dsptoolkit write-mem `dsptoolkit get-meta directSlaveSelectRegister` 0
dsptoolkit write-mem `dsptoolkit get-meta slaveChannelSelectRegister` 2

The stereo setup works great overall. I have been using it for a while now to stream music from my NAS/the internet.

Recently, I decided to use the stereo Beocreate boards as my TV speakers as well. In addition to the TOSLINK connection between the master and slave board, I now also have a TOSLINK connection going into the master board from the TV. 

Unfortunately, this setup doesn't seem to work: when I want sound from the TV, I only get sound from the slave speaker, and not from the master speaker. This is not the case when the RPi is outputting sound - then I get sound from both speakers ... It seems to be a software issue: I can flip around multiple times between TV and RPi as sound sources, and I will only get sound from the slave speaker on the former, and from both master & slave on the latter.

Am I overlooking some settings here? Is it possible to get stereo sound from both speakers when I get TOSLINK input from my TV?



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