Beocreate setup stalling in "Searching"

Hello. Tips needed.

I'm trying to finalize the setup of the Beocreate Board, so I can get by CX-100 playing. I have downloaded the image to the SD-card, and the PI is starting up properly. I can connect with my iphone via BT, but no sound yet..

However my chrome and MS browser (win10) is stalling in the middle of the installation. I just get a "Connecting" bar in the bottom of the browser. 

I managed to get to a page where I was to chose "Speaker profile". However there was no buttons for chosing on the page, and now I just can't connect to the board again. 

I have tried connecting from two different win10 pc and both MS and chrome browser, and also my iphone. Same problem despite OS/Browser. 

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