Cannot connect iOS devices only Android

Good day everybody,


I have done my upscaling of an RL600 and I am very happy with the outcome when it works.


I am able to connect my Samsung phone to the Bluetooth and use it for Spotify (really the only app I will use with my new setup), however there is a collection of issues with this setup.


- the Bluetooth signal can only be discovered by my Samsung, neither my iPad or my iPhone can "see" the Bluetooth connection/broadcast.

- When trying to use Airplay to send the signal to my RL6000 my iOS devices never move from "Connecting"

- I cannot access the setup on my computer anymore (I was able to do it when setting the board up initially as plugged with an ethernet cable, a few times afterwards I was able to access the setup the same day wirelessly), I am not sure if this has something to do with a non-fixed IP address. (when trying to access setup it remains "Connecting")

- My BoeCreate/RaspBerry doesn't broadcast a WiFi any more (maybe this is the way it should be after initial setup)

- When I am connected and playing musing from my Samsung S10, if I get a call or any type of interruption on the phone, while it remains connected to the speaker via BT, I have to disconnect and reconnect the BT to be able to play music again.


So, all in all, I am able to use my new setup and again, I love it, however with a bunch of glitches that make it uncomfortable.

Hope someone who has gone through this or the HiFiBerry team is able to assist how to debug my setup.





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