Cannot finalise beocreate setup


I have been struggling on and off for 3 weeks to get the board setup. 

I connected the board to some ae109s (2 way 4 ohms floor standing speakers) and used the optical input and no PI – worked, but the speakers are very quiet. Im using a 19V 3.43A power supply as modmypi didn’t have the recommended power supply. I have ordered a better power supply. Is the power supply the reason for very low volume?


Secondly I connect a PI. I cannot get beocreate-181228.img to setup. So I gave up and tried hifiberryos-20190131. This worked and fits my needs but still very quiet…


So I went back to trying to get beocreate to work. Reading lots of posts. But im now stuck. I really want this to work, but Im running out of steam and I might need to go back unless you can help.


This is what I have.

Windows 10 laptop (bonjour installed, reinstalled multiple times)

Pi & board connected to LAN (also tried on wifi with connecting to beocreate wifi)

It does searching forever

I can ssh on to the pi with the IP address

I set the location for the network card for wifi

I can see the files in the root directory

I can see that whatever is supposed to be running is under sudo forever list

Wi tried setup with ip address in chrome – nothing.

Setup with ip in firefox and it starts setup but just does renaming forever.

If I restart the box it lists the setup board but wont connect

If I connect to the IP address again, setup restarts.


Bonjour is definitely installed.


What can I do?




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