Wasting a lot of time

I recently bought a RPi 3B+, the official touch screen, and a HifiBerry DAC+ under the impression that I would be able to make a nice digital music source for my home stereo system.

200+ hours of faffing around later, I have yet to be able to get a single MP3 played.


I have tried installing installing Max2Play and Volumio, but I'm not interested in streaming music or accessing an interface through a web browser.


I just want to be able to plug a USB stick with my music on it into the Pi, choose the music I want from the touch screen and play the song... the kind of thing that I do on my mobile phone every day... Is that too much to ask?


Can anyone recommend a way to play with this setup, with a nice graphical interface... not some command line bollocks... before I throw the lot in the bin?




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