Amp2: Sound is popping

Hi there,

I have emailed the support@hifiberry.com but did not get any response. So I will open here a new thread.

I have bought a HifiBerry Amp2 in October 2017. With this Hifiberry Amp2 my sound is „popping“ while playing music. 
The „pops“ occur sometimes after playing 10 minutes of music, sometimes after about 30 minutes. Theres seems to be no pattern. But when the „popping" starts, the music stop after many "pops“. 
- Raspberry Pi 3
- HifiBerry AMP2 1.0
- 8 Ohm speaker (Klipsch AWR-650-SM)
- Power supply: 12V/6A 
I heard there a some Amp2 out there with this bug. How can I check if my amp2 is also affected by this bug?

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