New HifiBerry DAC+ADC owner hoping to get some pointers

Just bought a DAC+ADC for my RPi 3B. Hoping to achieve the following two scenarios, not necessarily on one install (2 separate SD cards is fine as well):

- Output Roland MT32 MUNT emulator audio mixed (in realtime) with additional sound from Hifiberry input 3,5 jack via Hifiberry RCA stereo out. https://retropie.org.uk/forum/topic/12549/tutorial-installing-munt-mt-32-emulation-on-rpi-3/2

- Record audio from Hifiberry input 3,5 jack and pass it through (in realtime) to Hifiberry RCA output

I guess this would be achievable as soon as I have ALSA fully working, recognising DAC+ADC in-& outputs (and in the first scenario MUNT driver) and the mixer allowing me to select inputs and outputs etc.

How to start though, I read several different stories regarding the DAC+ADC, about updating kernels vs out of the box support vs. editing some config files. Some clear guidance here would help.

Additionally does someone have some advise on an audio recording tool that I can run on the Pi, with minimal overhead, that can bounce audio to any selectable storage (internal SD, USB drive).

All should work (after setup) more or less headless.

Thanks a lot!!


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