Spotify connect to a device hanging

I am following the RL 6000 project and all went very good. The only pending point is related with Spotify Connect (I am a paid subscriber).

1. Raspery pi zero W is being used with the Beocreate 4 channel amplifier; 
2.Using image as in: http://downloads.hifiberry.com/images/beocreate.img.zip 
3. I have run the installer script (trying to fix the issue): 

4. I have the most recent version of Spotify client on my tablet; 
5. I can see the device on my tablet, named bo (without spaces); 
5. Spotify goes in connecting state for a while but then it fails and goes to an alternative source.
6. As an additional information, Bluetooth is working but time to time I have streaming interruptions (the connection remains). I need to disconnect and connect again.

I would appreciate your support. 
Kind regards 

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