Bluetooth aptx receiver via I2s

Hello dear People
First, great product and idea it will allow me to bring my old hifi amp into modernity.

One of the steps I want ro realize is a Bluetooth connection with the aptx protocol, sadly the raspberry does not support it. Now I found external modules with the ability of an I2S output and the connection of buttons to send commands to the streaming device.

The problem now is, that I don't know how to handle it exactly with the I2s configuration and the dsp program.

I have an oscilloscope and surely basic electronics knowledge.

But yet I don't know what is necessary to use the i2S connection.
I would like to have the ability to switch between this input and the spdif based on a signal from the raspy. Is this possible with sigmastudio and the aux inputs?

I found some information about your clock rate of the I2s, these will have to match the Bluetooth module as far as I know, right?

Have you already some experience and maybe a working module?

Thanks for the upcoming answers, to which I'm looking forward.
Greetings from Switzerland.


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