DAC+ Pro, ROON and 384 KHz

I would like to have your oppinion regarding this:
ROON 1.6 reports DAC+ Pro as 384 KHz and 32 bit capable board.
I have DSP enable with samplerate conversion at max bitrate.
Signal path reports conversion to 384 KHz and 32 bit, and also the hw parameters in Ropieee and DietPi reports 384 KHz.
The strange thing is that when i restart the system, keeping DSP settings enabled, max reported bitrate is only 352.
After may trial and error, i've managed to reenable 384 KHz following many steps involvig disable DSP, setting mas bitrate to 24 bit, reenabling DSP and setting back 32 bit when playing !
My question is, DAC+ is capable to accept 384KHz/32bit, or is a missreporting?
There is a driver problem in choosing clock?
Thank you !

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