Dac+ DSP with DAC+Pro


Long time Hifiberry customer. Love the products and you never fail to produce the next product I want.

My question is the following:

Can I build a system that uses the DSP functionality of the DAC DSP with the DAC+pro DAC.

Here is the additional information:

I currently have a Hifiberry Dac+ Pro fed directly to the 5v input on the DAC board from a linear power supply running runeaudio on a RPi3. 

I would like to keep the superior dual clock functionality with direct power feed of the DAC+Pro and add to it the DSP capability to perform room correction. How can I go about this? Do I need to add another RPI with DAC+DSP upstream of the DAC+pro? If so what output would I use to transmit from DAC+DSP to DAC+Pro?

Thanks for your great creations!



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