dac+ pro no sound from web browser

i'm using a rspi 3 b+ with the dac + pro hat. My distro is raspbian. its the latest version on the raspberry site.

Using VLC I can play FLAC files from a usb drive. Also,  using  firefox and chrome i can go to dronezone on somafm and play the associated aac/mp3 streams. I use VLC for this as well. However there is no sound  when I use the web player. I have tried other sites such as accuradio with the same results.  When I make the pi's sound card the default and use the headphone jack, I do get audio from the web player. Currently the dac pro is the default.

So I don't believe I have  a H/W problem.

I have implemented the instructions in the document "configuring linux 4.x or higher."

Per the documentation, I've checked the logs. Nothing jumps out at me  But I'm not sure what I'm looking for.

I don't know what to try next. Any help will be appreciated.

BTW I enjoy what I can play.





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