DAC+DSP + Volumio + Spotify connect: stable operation


After some other players tested, I tried to get Volumio up and running. I was expecting a lot issues, as up till now I did not see succes stories. However, to my surprise, the process was not complex. 

And the good news, it works flawless. I use it in combination with the Spotify connect plugin. After two weeks testing, no issues found.

Here is what I did:

Install Volumio, Enable SSH, login

  3  sudo apt-get update

    4  sudo nano /boot/config.txt (add dtparam=spi=on)

    5  reboot

    8  sudo apt-get install -y python-dev python3-dev

    9  sudo apt-get install -y python-spidev python3-spidev

   10  bash <(curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hifiberry/hifiberry-dsp/master/install-dsptoolkit)

   12  dsptoolkit install-profile https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hifiberry/hifiberry-dsp/master/sample_files/xml/dacdsp-default.xml

   13  dsptoolkit store

   14  reboot

   16  sudo nano filter1.txt

   18  dsptoolkit apply-rew-filters filter1.txt ( filter1.txt is my specific filter file)

   26  dsptoolkit store


Select  in Volumio Generic I2C DAC

reboot and done

I am not sure the Sigma driver is running proper (saw some error messages)






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