MiniAmp audio quality


I'm using HiFiBerry miniamp and RPI 3A+ in my audio project. Unfortunately, I can hear sound distortion during playback. I've checked it with few different pairs of speakers.

I was trying to measure it. So I started to play 1kHz sine at -20dB and connected miniamp output to PC sound card line input (it's Asus Xonar). I'm pretty sure card input is not overdriven.

I've attached screenshot from REW RTA window. It seems there is some serious problems with the sound quality. Probably I'm doing something wrong or maybe my miniamp module is defective?

I would be grateful for any advices.

Some additional info:

- I'm using the latest Raspbian

- I'm using alsa, always 48000Hz

- I've disabled HDMI and USB

- Wifi and Bluetooth are enabled

- I have the original Raspberry power supply.


I've also checked "noise floor", when there is no playback. It doesn't look so bad.


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