HiFiBerry DAC + DSP Channels Reversed

I am using HiFiBerryOS 2018.08-rc2, RPi 3 Model B+ and dsptoolkit version 0.13. Source: RPI 3 Model B+, Moode5 and HiFiBerry Digi + Pro

The Red RCA connector outputs Left audio and White connector outputs Right audio.

I notice the RCA connector PCB positions are reversed compared to all other HiFiBerry hats and boards. Is this possibly an assembly error?

Also, the "remove-filters" command in "Optimizing accoustics performance with DSPToolkit and REW" tutorial on Github is not recognised. "remove-iir-filters" is recognised and does report filters removed.

Is "remove-iir-filters" the correct command to use to remove REW filters indicating a typo in the Github tutorial?

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