Impedance needed for amp?

I have a HiFiBerry DAC+.

I'm building a PLLXO (Passive Line Level X-Over) (because I'm biamping and I'm looking to eliminate my active crossover).

I'm curious what sort of input impedance my PLLXO will need for the HiFiBerry DAC+ to be most happy (delivering full output in glorious sound quality)?

I've tried googling this, nobody seems to know.

Also, I've tried googling the output impedance of the HiFiBerry DAC+ and found one person I think tested it at 480-Ohms.  Apparently there is a rule of thumb that input impedance should be 20x output impedance, I'm a neophyte and I'm not sure about that, and I'm not sure if the 480 was correct.

Any input would be mucho appreciated.

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