Dac+ DSP in Sigma Studio

Hey Daniel, 

the commands "apply-rew-filters-left/ríght" are using the same filterbanks as "apply-rew-filters" in stereo. If I want to to design one curve for each channel AND then add one curve for both, the stereo-curve with "apply-rew-filters" will override the left/ríght ones.

For that I want to change the DSP-Profile in Sigma Studio. In another thread you mentioned that the 4way-iir.dspproj is the corresponding file for the dacdsp-default.xml. I opened this in Sigma Studio - but when I understand it right, the 4way-iir.dspproj is built for the 4ch beocreate boards. Will it cause problems, when I flash this to my Dac+ DSP?

As far as I understand the Profile, the "apply-rew-filter"-command is only using the Equalisation block, so the adjustments in the filter-Block should be free to use, right? Can I just use this in my environment? That would be much easier...

By the way: In the manual on github, the command is called "set-rew-filters". Does that the same or is it a mistake?

Thanks, Oliver

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