No input volume for ADC?

Hi, I just started to try out my DAC+ ADC, which I'm planning to use mainly for getting vinyl records into digital format. I connected the “record output” on my stereo amp (a Rega Brio-R) to the 3.5 mm input on the board, and the RCA outputs to one of the inputs on the same amp. So far, it seems to work just fine. I can record analog input with arecord, and play audio files back on my stereo.

But, what I'm wondering: I was expecting that I would have to adjust the input level when I record, for instance to prevent clipping. But when I run alsamix there is no such control. So, there is no way to adjust recording volume on the board (except for the jumpers)? The record output on the Rega amp is not affected by the volume control. Is this a problem, or can I expect the “record signal” to be generally just the right level? There's no other output on my amp.

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