DIGI+ PRO and Volumio configuration tips


I have a Raspberry PI3 with Hifiberry Digi+ Pro (I use an external Teac DAC) and I have few little questions about right Volumio configuration.

Audio output (in General Playback options)
I found two possibile way to configure it and both works but, wich one is better? 

"output device -> snd_rpi_hifiberry_digi"
"I2S DAC -> Off"

"output device -> HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro "
"I2S DAC -> ON"
"DAC model - > HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro"



Volume Options
I have only two possibile choices about "Mixer type":
- None (ok!, I use the amplifier to manage volume)
- Software = Volume control but loss of Audio Quality

I would like to use the Software option but I don't want to lost quality.
Maybe the loss is only when the volume is lower than 100%?


Any kind of help is appreciated, thanks!


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