Small speakers for AMP2


I'd like to build a HiFiBerry AMP2 inside a old 50ies style radio.
What kind of speakers would you guys recommend? This is the first time I am trying to do a HiFiBerry project (I have some experience with RPis, I've build gaming consoles using RetroPie and a home automation before) ,but I have no idea what makes a speaker suitable to use for this or not. Also I have no idea where to buy one.
I'd like to get good quality for a reasonable price, e.g. nothing cheap and crappy, but also not something that is absolutely high-end and extremely expensive.

In the various threads here I haven't found any info on small speakers for DIY projects like this.
I want to put two speakers inside it and get stereo sound.

Is there anything else you would pay attention to for a project like this?

Thanks & best regards,


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