Hifiberry setup woes

So I've installed the latest Raspbian, adjusted the config.txt as per the documentation - so far so good.

I'm following instructions as posted here: https://www.hifiberry.com/build/guides/implementing-room-acoustics-correction-using-rew/

So I get strongly adviced to "upload my dsp profile" unless I want everything to be ruined.

"The best way is to download the DSP profile XML file to the raspberry Pi and install it using DSP Toolkit".

Sure, I'll have a go at that.

Executing the command "dsptoolkit install-profile \ ./fullrange-extended" says there's no such file.

In the samples folder I see 3 fullrange xml files, none of them "extended".

All I want to do is use my new Hifiberry-DSP to run two individual REW eq settings for my speakers.

The strong recommendation I upload "My DSP profile" lest I fuck everything up for eternity makes me not want to experiment with this - I value my speakers and my Hifiberry a little too much for that.

So - how now?





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