Beocreate, with extra USB/ASIO convertor

Hallo Beocreate team,

I've spent some time to understand the awesome capabilities of the Beocreate, while trying to add extra interfaces like an asynchronous USB/ASIO convertor. The reason why this is cool is to be able to drive your speakers from your laptop directly (only if your PC doesn't have a TosLink output of course :-).

First thing I noticed is that the Beocreate 34 pin GPIO header does not offer an extra asynchronous I2S input (i.e. BCKin, LRCKin + SDin). It offers a full I2S output (OUT2) but the inputs are Data-in only (maybe synchronous operation would work with Din only and using the BCK and LRCK of OUT2, haven't tried yet). 

Second thing I noticed is that the 40 pin header offers direct access to the DSP ASRC (check settings with SigmaStudio), because the RPI can be used as streaming client (known fact).

Conclusion: it is pretty easy to add an asynchronous USB-I2S convertor and  keep the Beocreate as master. This outfit is running up to 192kHz 24bit streams, resampled by the DSP to 48kHz, without problem using foobar on laptop. The only caveat is that you cannot run the RPI and the USB/ASIO simultaneously because they block each others pin access. Check the picture attached below.. 

Beocreate team: it would be awesome if your next major release contains an extra async I2S group (just add BCKin and LRCKin for IN1, route to the free pins 13&14) and expand the board with a third add-on audio input capability! Cool right?

Best regards,

Ernest Kaempfer


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