Configuration conflict Raspotify and Kodi


I'm facing an issue to make working both KODI and Raspotify on my RPI 3 + Hifiberry DAC+ Pro.

From beginning, I have installed Raspbian, then Raspotify and everything working very well. Then I wanted to install KODI to enjoy even more.

At first start, Kodi was not working with the DAC+ pro, after some google help, I found that once this parameter, in /boot/config.txt is set to off it's fine, sound is emitted thru the DAC:

But then, Raspotify does not work anymore, the LED turn On, but no sound emmited. Once, editing again the config.txt file, and puttin to ON the parameter, it's working back.

So, despite several google search I have not found how to make work this two software without editing each time the file. Anyone may have an idea how to work around this issue, please?




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