Newbie Questions for a Pi Car Head Unit Project

I'm doing initial research into building a head unit for my car, and I'm looking into how I can get four audio channels (front right and left, back right and left) from a Pi 3B+.  I would prefer to have a DAC/DSP to handle audio processing to complement the Pi 3B+ while it's I/O and graphical stuff like UI, backup camera, auxiliary gauge cluster via Bluetooth OBD reader, and other Android Auto related stuff like navigation.

For the rest of the audio system in the car, the four channels are routed to a DPS, which adds in a sub with amp, while the front two channels are routed to a door speaker and tweeter with the rear channels going directly to the door speakers.

So... what hardware would you recommended so that I have four audio channels (with a positive and negative for each) coming out of the head unit and going into the factory wiring harness?

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