Beocreate with Avant Speakers?

I have an idea for the BeoCreate, but would like a second opinion before I buy anything please.

I have an old Avant 28 RF CRT.

My plan is:

1 - Strip Tube and all internals out, leaving just the 4 speakers (2 tweeters, 2 woofers - no passive crossover as amp was active).

2 - Mount my 32inch LED Sony onto frame. Take variable optical out into Beocreate (I presume Beocreate has a fixed volume?).

3 - Attach 4 speakers in 2 x 2 way active configuration. (Does the DSP have a generic 2 way active setting to suit this?)

End result should be I can use TV remote control to control volume through Avant speakers, and retain the classic Avant design.


Anyone any thoughts? 

Also thinking of adding an autodetect Optical switch so I can switch between the TV and my Squeezebox Touch, using the volume control on either and the switch autosensing the source.


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