Second i2s source on BeoCreate and/or RPI B+ ?

First of all - Thanks for that wonderful device!

Im currently running the BeoCreate with a RPI 3B+ and MPD streaming plus having TV / FireTV connected via TOSLINK as the living room audio.

Now i want to add DAB/FM radio via a MonkeyBoard device having a i2s interface: https://monkeyboard.org/tutorials/78-interfacing/90-hacking-dab-board-i2s-digital-output-for-usb-streaming  

Is there a possibility to get a second i2s device connnected to the BeoCreate DSP board GPIO connector?

Either a monkeyboard or something like the Adafruit MEMS microphone (https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-i2s-mems-microphone-breakout/raspberry-pi-wiring-and-test)

Any chance to set this up?


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