Problem with Beocreate software installation


I have been working to install 2 x CX50 speakers as 2 standalone speakers each with a Pi3+ and Beocreate module.

I have had so many issues to deal with to get this up running. The first speaker is running - with a lot of help from Daniel from HiFiBerry.

The other one works with sound using the HiFiBerry software, but when I install the B&O software from the Web interface a very loud click/"bang" comes when the sound profile is installing. It seems like - looking at the web installer - that everything is running right, but there is no sound.

First, Daniel had the idea that the Pi3+ could be faulty - I ordered 2 new one, but the same problem. Daniel have checked the Beocreate board and sent this back to me. It works using the HiFiBerry but not with B&O software.

This needs to be much better, if B&O wants people to re-invest in old speakers. The software is too unstable and too many faults.

I hope someone from B&O is reading this and will take actions - it reminds me of the problems we all had with Moments, Avant, Essence and the app for traditional products from B&O for many years. I do not hope the Beocreate software is on the same track.

I am sitting here with the hope of a solution in the near future.

BR Rudi


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