No sound Beocreate

I have a standard Beocreate project with two RL6000 speaker. The first worked fine but the second have problems. When first installed the jumpers were sitting randomly. We ha no confirmation sound that installation was correct, and no sound in system. Then support helped us to put jumpers correct. We redid all things (still no confirmation sound) and no sound. We did then connect an optical input and suddenly we had a "tick" and then it worked. Then we tried Bluetooth, spotify connect and all was fine. Reboot and nothing works... So we repeat the procedure and connect optical and "tick" sound and it works fine, all three speakers.

We have now worked with Hifiberry support team but they are out of ideas...

We have even tried to load Raspian on the card and set everything up but no sound... Then if we use optical it gets singing. We expect that something went wrong with installation of the DSP, but how to we clean this from memory?



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