DAC+ stopped working, green led is still on


I`ve used the DAC+ with 3.5 mm jack on a Raspberry pi 3 and a Raspberry pi zero w for a couple of months and I`am really satisfied with it, but a week ago the DAC+ just stopped working when it was playing a track. The green light at the DAC+ stays on, however, there was no sound anymore. A reboot doesn`t help and I used the test image from Hifiberry and played some test tracks. The green led is always on when playing a track, but no sound. My speakers work fine when I connect the 3.5 mm cable to my phone.

I use OSMC with Raspotify (https://github.com/dtcooper/raspotify) installed on a Raspberry pi zero w. I`ve a adapted /etc/asound.conf based on https://support.hifiberry.com/hc/en-us/articles/207397665-Mixing-different-audio-sources. I soldered a separate power supply on the DAC+.

I hope someone can help me


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