Beocreate, Toslink passthru between two boards

Hi Daniel,

I am trying to connect two beocreate boards via the Toslink passthru connector, no sound on the slave board. When changing the optical links around and putting the boards in revers order, same happens: first board plays, second silent.

Is there something simple that I miss here, a passthru jumper or SW setting perhaps? It seems to me that both Toslink terminals on the board are connected back to back without any signal processing, correct? 

The configuration I am using is: foobar on windows 10 laptop, usb to X-SPDIF convertor (Matrix) to Koax-Opto Wandler (Goobay/Wentronic) to Beocreate via Toslink to right beocreate and to left beocreate via Toslink passthru..

Probably a simple issue, but I am out off focus it seems :-)

best regards, Ernest


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