Multiroom with Amp2, which speakers ?


 I am currenly planning a multiroom set up, based on Raspberry Pi, Amp2 and in ceiling and in wall speakers.

I was thinking of installing those speakers: http://www.davis-acoustics.com/nos-enceintes-haute-fidelite/gamme-integration/100-ro/ and http://www.davis-acoustics.com/nos-enceintes-haute-fidelite/gamme-integration/100-re/.

I have some doubts about the sensitivity. Wouldn't 84 db/W/m be too low for the Amp2?

 I will have 6 different Raspberry (model 3 B) + Amp2. What power supply should I use with such speakers? I will have different speakers in bathroms. That might be 4 ohms speakers, might there be any impact on the power supply I should use?

 Thanks a lot!



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