BeoCreate setup does not start

hey there, i just got beocreate-bundle and two cx100, but i can't make the setup work. the raspberrypi runs with an sd-card that was setup with the beocreate.img and applepi-baker. after connecting it to the network and starting up, i can get a ssh connection and everything seems to be fine, but i can't get a wifi-connection to the BeoSetup network. i tried setting up the country in the raspberry configuration and i'm also able to connect to the wifi with the raspberrypi, but then there is no BeoSetup network anymore. the "forever" process is running.

is there any option to do the setup directly on the raspberrypi by ssh, without using this b&o website or the BeoSetup network? or is there some image i can burn on the sd-card, that is already set-up for the use with a stereopair cx100?

all the best,



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