Hifiberry Digi+ pro does not work


I received my brand new Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Hifiberry digi+ pro lately. I thought it would be quite easy to set it up, however I encounter some problems as the digital output doesn't seem to work and I am not sure why or where to start.

I have installed Raspbian, Exagear and Spotify and would like to send the digital signal to my amplifier.

Raspbian seems to recognize the hifiberry, as it is selectable as an output device. I have selected the hifiberry as default output. However, the moment I do this, the volume control turns grey with a red cross (as if muted?) and cannot be unmuted anymore.

I have read something about LED's on the hifiberry board; I don't see anything on mine and there is no red light coming from the optical output either.

I have also tried editing the config.txt file (unsure if this is even necessary) but this results in an error message as the file cannot be saved.

What should I do?

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