Streamer with DSP room correction TOSLINK output and multiple inputs


I'm researching this project: raspberry pi streamer from DNLA, local disk, Bluetooth, online services. My question is about audio part. Once raspberry pi streams audio via I2S, Dac+ Dsp will pick it up, apply room correction and output via TOSLINK to a DAC. Now I also want to add multiple inputs (analog and digital), Dac+ Dsp already has SPDIF input, I also planning to add at least one analog input using Dac+ ADC and I'd like to apply Dsp room correction to it too. If I install Dac+ ADC on raspberry pi, then Dac+ Dsp on top of ADC, would Dsp pick up input from Dac+ ADC?

If I would need to add more inputs and apply Dsp correction to all inputs, can I add more Dac+ ADC and Digi+ IO boards? How would I switch inputs, is there a manual how to do it?

And for power, I read in a different thread that Dac+ Dsp cleans up raspberry pi fed power to the point that it does not need any external clean power. How about ADC and IO boards, what is the recommended way to feed clean power to those? Can those piggy back on Dac+ Dsp power?

Is it possible to apply Dsp filters in Dac+ Dsp and output via USB (maybe additional board) to feed a DAC?


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