Pi 3B or 3B+ / Amp2 / pi official 7‘‘touch display

Hi everybody

Hifiberry amp2 I have a problem…

I have a raspberry pi model 3B and a model 3B+. I want to combine one of them with the hifiberry amp2 and the pi official 7’’ touch display. The combination is powered via Amp2 with the recommended power supply (Mean Well: GST60A18-P1J) which works fine.

On the SD-Card I installed OSMC (Linux osmc 4.14.78-2-osmc) where the media center Kodi 17.6 is running.

Pi 3B/3B+ works fine, as well as the display and amp2 but my problem is the touch function of the display:

The touch function doesn’t work or works intermittently and or delayed - but most of the time it doesn’t work, so at the moment it is not usable for navigation in Kodi. But when I detach amp2 and run the screen with pi only the touch function works fine almost as good as on a smart phone. This problem I have with both models of pi (3B and 3B+).

In some posts I read that the problem might be because of the I2C-Bus which is needed and used by the amp2 and the touch function of the display. Without amp2 I don’t need to connect the additional jumper for SDA and SCL everything works fine. When amp2 is attached, no matter if SDA/SCL is connected or not, either it doesn’t work, or it works very poor as explained above.

So, please can you help me with this issue? Is this hardware combination a total no go combination or is it only a configuration problem?

I tried to give you as much information as possible about my hardware/software setup. If you need more information just go ahead and ask for it. Thanx in advance for helping me!

Best regards


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