Having used my RPi3+Digi+ Pro for the last couple of years very successfully as (at various times) a Plex and Volumio client, I'm in the process of moving the entire house (various 'legacy' systems) to support high-quality (lossless, hi-res & MQA). Having tried multiple systems, it looks like I'll settle on Tidal + Roon to integrate streaming and LAN sources (my local library is ~2000 CDs ripped to ALAC and sitting on a Pegasus array hosted by a Mac Mini) but am struggling to work out end-points.

My understanding is that none of the Hifiberry DACs currently support MQA, so…

1. What external DAC could I use with my existing RPi 3+Digi+ Pro to fully support MQA decoding and rendering? Meridian Explorer 2? Dragonfly Red?

2. Does anyone do a 'full service' HAT DAC/renderer for the RPi? 

If I can get this sorted, I'll build several systems to integrate with various playback systems around the house - whilst I don't mind coughing up for a higher-end DAC for the two principal systems, I'd still want to have a single app for control of all and am looking to keep costs down and quality up for the other systems.



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