Amp2 1.0 mutli-room with RPi 3

Hi all,

I have a deezer account which I usually open on my living room PC, equipped with an Asus sound board and a 5.1 Logitech speaker system. I am trying to get a multi-room system to stream the music from this PC to e.g. the kitchen. I would like to be able to control the system both from the PC's connected to the network and from any smartphone.

As I was looking for a board to improve the audio quality of the Raspberry Pi 3, I discovered the HifiBerry one and bought an Amp 2 (v1.0).

I have tried different distributions and systems, like piCorePlayer, Volumio, SqueezeBox and I am glad of the board itself which indeed gives a much better sound than the original on-board PLL. However, as I am not an expert in audio streaming, I am a little blocked to stream the deezer audio flow from my PC to the other 'client' RaspBerry pi.

Originally, if some MP3 were played on my PC, I would rather stream these with VLC, then grab the flow with the Rpi on the other side, but I would like to stream the entire audio flow (the deezer output, a video file or an MP3). The best would be getting a full duplex link, to be able to change the music in both rooms.

Could you please help me in achieving this ?

Thanks and have a nice evening !


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