HiFiBerry Amp2 with RetroPie - constant reboot

I am building an arcade machine for my kids for Christmas.

I have 8ohm speakers from Arcade World.  I also have bought the AMP2.  

I have amended the config to remove "dtparam=audio=on" and then add "dtoverlay=hifiberry-dacplus"

I have an 18V power supply (can't recall how many amps right now).

So the machine starts with a video (no sound), then you get the usual loading text, then BOOM, very loud sound but before Emulation Station can appear, it reboots.

My gut says that there isn't enough power.  The power pack was one I had lying around.

Can I power the pi with its own cable in addition to the AMP2 power?  That might buy me some time while I get a better power source.

My plan is to boot into the pi using only pi power; get the volume down to a more human level and then try again with the APM2 power.  Maybe less volume will prevent the reboot?


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