REW Sweep kills DAC+DSP

Hi all, I'm hoping for some assistance with an odd issue..

I am using REW, I have generated a 15hz - 20khz sweep with timing signal which I have on LMS as a flac. I used this to set up a filter with REW. Everything was working fine.

My amplifier then decided to give up the ghost. I am now trying to set up filters for the new amplifier - but when I try to play the REW sweep the timing signal can be heard and then the DAC+DSP just dies. No playback is possible at all after that.

I can install a profile which reports success, this is accompanied by a 'pop' sound on the speakers. Still no audio. I tried clearing the filters and installing the profile again - it did then come back to life. I played a couple of tracks fine, then played the REW sweep - the timing signal played and again the DAC then died. I cannot now get it back operational.

I don't see how a specific sound file can kill the dac/dsp, but it's managing to do so! Any help would be appreciated.


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